A Tale of Two Cities......

A Tale of Two Cities......

About us…..

Streamline Development, LLC is a real estate development firm that gained its experience in the suburban Chicago market as part of new development and value add projects in all real estate sectors.  In 2012 Streamline began performing the same work in the Phoenix market.  While actively investing in each opportunity alongside our partners, our commitment to providing a safe and profitable return on investment has led to many partners to become repeat investors in our projects .

By developing, owning and managing properties in all real estate classes, we have the experience to diversify into many opportunities that most companies would not.  It is this scope and experience that provides the resources and knowledge necessary to provide excellence in real estate investing.

Streamline can also serve as an Owner’s Representative for clients looking to grow their business’s real estate footprint.  From identifying land opportunities to assembling a development team and obtaining municipal approvals, we can help you stay focused on your goals and dreams.

“At Streamline Development, LLC we strive to produce the highest return on investment for our partners and clients while maintaining attention to every detail along the way.” -David J. Hrizak


Dedication to our principles builds strength in our relationships.


Looking out for our client and investor’s needs first is our #1 priority.


Attention to detail is prevalent in everything we do.


What we build today is for future generations to enjoy.



We invest with you while limiting your risk by taking on all debt responsibility in our projects.  Your upside is unlimited while your downside is.


Site identification, due diligence, entitlements, financing, and marketing are just part of our development expertise.


Purchasing value add properties allows Streamline to use its experience to build wealth and cash flow for our partners and investors.


As your Owner’s Representative we can assist you with your new build, development or relocation so you stay focused on building your business.

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